Need a Reliable Client Acquisition System?

I’ll create your Google Ads account using a tailored strategy, continually optimise it, and keep you updated on how everything’s going.

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Account Setup

Your Google Ads account will be created specifically for your business using industry-best practices alongside innovative tactics.

Landing Page Creation

I’ll create custom landing pages for your campaign which will help to convert more of your paid traffic into leads.

Ongoing Optimisation

Your ads and landing pages will be worked on regularly to move them towards optimal performance, and you’ll always be kept in the loop.

Transparent Performance Reporting Without Any Jargon

As a business owner, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your marketing. Yet many freelancers and agencies can be unclear, and even confusing, when speaking to you.

Giving honest and easy-to-understand feedback is central to what I do. If something’s not working, you’ll know. If something’s working really well, you’ll know. Nothing will be hidden from you.

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A Look at What You Can Expect

  • Industry-best tactics
  • Nothing outsourced
  • Full conversion tracking
  • Monthly reporting
  • Certified by Google
  • <24-hour email replies
  • Tailored strategy
  • Results driven
  • Daily monitoring
  • Service business specialist

Certified Google Partner

Google Partner status applies to advertisers who deliver quality work consistently

Google Search Ads certification
Google Display Ads certification
Google Measurement certification
Google Video Ads certification
Google Apps Ads certification

Featured Testimonial

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Colva over the last couple of years

Andy has an extraordinary ability to quickly understand my business model and structure an ad campaign and marketing materials around it in a way I have not encountered. What Andy brings to the table in addition to his skillset is his ingenuity, understanding of customers, and how to deliver a story and a message to customers in such a way that they immediately both understand the value add and are made comfortable by the entire process. Absolutely brilliant professional who first and foremost delivers quality above all else.

Rajiv Rebello

Rajiv Rebello
Colva Services and Colva Capital

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything else you need to know about my Google Ads services

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

I work exclusively with small to medium sized service businesses. That can include everything from B2B to coaching to educational services and more.

I’ve managed accounts with ad spends ranging from low hundreds to tens of thousands a month.

What are landing pages and why are they important?

When someone clicks on your ad in Google, they’ll go to what’s known as your ‘landing page’. For most advertisers, this is an existing page on their website.

The problem is that your site was made to cover as much information as possible and appeal to everyone. With Google Ads, you can be more specific and speak to potential clients in a way that feels personal to them.

That’s why I’ll create ‘dedicated landing pages’ for you. These are web pages that are designed to resonate with the specific person who clicked on your ad, based on what they’ve searched for. They use principles in strategy, design, copywriting, and more, to turn a higher percentage of visitors into leads. So you can get more clients without spending more on ads.

Can you advertise for me on other platforms?

I specialise in Google Ads, and there’s no way I could stay on top of my game by working across multiple platforms.

However there is one exception: Microsoft Advertising. These ads show up on sites like, and the ad platform is almost identical to Google’s. You can even copy and paste your Google Ads campaign over to Microsoft Advertising.

There’s a time and place to do that, though, and I’ll always advise my clients if and when we should copy the campaign over. There are no additional management fees for doing that.

How often will you work on my campaign?

Your campaign will be monitored daily (Mon-Fri) to make sure there are no issues that need fixing. Small changes might also be made during these checks.

For most accounts, the ads will be optimised once a week. It’s a mistake to over-optimise, which is where decisions are made without enough data to back them up, so more frequent optimisations are typically only suitable for higher-spend accounts.

Have a different question? Ask me anything.

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